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Our candles are made with pure eco coconut/soy wax and lead free wicks always promising a clean burn. We use an exclusive blend of high grade fragrances and essential oils to create our unique library of scents. Made only in small batches at a time our core focus is on the art of the craft to ensure the highest of quality. Our candles are more than just home décor to us, they are little vessels of calm taking us to distant places and helping us to relish in life's finer momentsSpice and Oak are not candles created to be overpowering, we want you to enjoy and experience them subtly. Our aim is to deliver a beautifully hand-poured candle, packaged to perfection, to set a mood, celebrate an occasion or to create a special memory.

After all, life is a collection of little things and we would love for our candles to play a small part in yours.

Made in Tasmania.